Posted on: November 7, 2008 10:58 pm

My Kentucky Wildcats History

The tradition of watching the Kentucky Wildcats play basketball in my family, is like the tradition of winning that is UK.  All of my life. My family and i gather to watch every game that is played.  From the first preseason games to the NCAA Championship Game.  I have always said that my 2 favorite teams are The Kentucky Wildcats and anyone who plays North   Some of my best memories growing up, involved my whole family gathered around the TV to watch our CATS!!!!  They are like a family member that you only get to see when you have a family reunion.  It makes it that much sweeter when you do get to see them.  I am so glad that Kentucky basketball season is finally here.  I have counted down the days till i could at least watch Midnight Madness to see our new team.  I am so exited with all of the talent that we have picked up in the off season and the one we already had back healthy.  I guess that about all for now.  There will be more posted soon, as more games are played.

GO CATS!!!!!!!

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